About Myself

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Growing up I always had a difficult time deciding which side of the coin to choose. Since school, academics always had my prime attention, but I loved to play. My teachers loved me for my talent to make them laugh, but wanted me to score well. My friends loved me for my talent to trouble my teachers, but hated my guts for being a first bencher. I never understood which part of me to select, seems I wished to live a dual life. And things don’t change.

I soon understood the reason why I loved to live on the edge, because that’s my comfort zone. I have always wanted to mix work and play; that is the only way one can love to do what they do. And this has led to a number of my initiatives. Above all, to help games be a part of your serious business that gets the job done. Browse around to check out how I achieve this goal.

Who am I? Intrapreneur by day, only human at night; my name is Vishal Prasad - an Agile Software Development Consultant.

Feel free to contact me to know more about my products & services.