Effective Agile Development & Execution

This training is recommended for the underlying brute force that gets the job done. Development teams are the core of any agile model and this course focuses on the ways of improving their collaboration in an agile environment. The course provides insights of using the right tools and techniques to improve productivity and economics to provide major benefits to the end users and probable customers. The beneficiaries of this training include (but are not restricted to) Project Managers, Business Analysts, Team Leaders, Team Members et al.

Course Structure:

The course is divided into 6 increments that fulfill the following six goals:

  1. Understanding Agile Values & Principles
    • Journey from Waterfall to Agile
    • Introduction to Agile Manifesto
    • Working with Agile Principles
    • Economics of Software Development

  2. Execution Strategy
    • Management Strategy
    • Facilities Strategy
    • Planning Strategy
    • Development Strategy
    • Design Strategy
    • Testing Strategy

  3. Requirements Management
    • Deriving & Splitting User Stories
    • Creating & Refining a Product Backlog
    • Prioritizing the Product Backlog
    • Estimating the Product Backlog
    • Planning Iterations & Increments

  4. eXtreme Programming
    • Metaphor & System Architecture
    • Test Driven Development
    • Simple Design, Clean Coding & Refactoring
    • Pair Programming
    • Continuous Integration
    • Collective Ownership

  5. Agile Testing
    • Automated Functional Testing
    • Manual Exploratory & Monkey Testing
    • Performance & Stress Testing
    • Old System Parallel Testing
    • Usability Testing

  6. Monitoring & Reporting
    • Running Productive Daily Meetings
    • Monitoring & Adjusting Work Burndown
    • Measuring Progress using Customer Feedback
    • Regular Retrospective & Learning

Fee Structure: (3 day hands-on workshop)

Min. 9 participants are required in order to conduct any onsite training (max. 20 participants).

  • 09 to 11 Participants: INR 19,999* per person (inclusive of all taxes)
  • 12 to 14 Participants: INR 18,999* per person (inclusive of all taxes)
  • 15 to 20 Participants: INR 17,999* per person (inclusive of all taxes)
  • Educational Institute: INR 9,999*^ per student (inclusive of all taxes)
  • Private Coaching (less than 9 Participants): INR 29,999* per person (inclusive of all taxes)

* Figures represent fee for training conducted in Mumbai and Pune. For outstation training, travel and accommodation costs will be additional.
^ Minimum 20 students are required in order to conduct the training.

To conduct a training at your facility or for more information, please contact me here.