ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC)

For a high level description of this course and training batch registrations, please click here. This course is designed with the learning objectives defined by ICAgile and contains authorised content for its certification programme. This 3 day training and certification programme focuses on Learning by Doing where participants experience the essence of Agile Coaching not through presentations or hypothetical games rather through a series of activities that can be utilised during regular assignments. A quick reference of the course outline is given below.

ICP-ACC course outline

The course is divided into 6 iterations of half day each where the odd iterations focus on developing the coach and the even iterations focus on developing the teams.

ICP-ACC iteration 1 objectives

ICP-ACC iteration 2 objectives

ICP-ACC iteration 3 objectives

ICP-ACC iteration 4 objectives

ICP-ACC iteration 5 objectives

ICP-ACC iteration 6 objectives

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