1) ICAgile Certifications:

ICAgile is a certification and accreditation body. It collaborates with worldwide agile thought leaders to develop learning programs that lead people to agile mastery. It works with course providers to accredit new or existing courses against their comprehensive and proven learning objectives. It believes that agility starts with people. Their learning roadmap provides clear paths for professionals and organizations who want to start or continue their agile journey. ICAgile-accredited courses meet the highest level of standards developed by worldwide agile thought leaders.

2) Effective Agile:

Every Effective Agile course is designed using concepts of Scrum, eXtreme Programming and Kanban Method which are scalable in nature. Along with being effective, these courses are scientific in nature, having an appropriate blend of theory and exercises that can be utilized in a number of hands-on situations on projects. There are greater benefits when not just project teams but entire organization executes agile; hence, there is no restriction or pre-requisite for any participant.

3) Effective Business Analysis:

Every Effective Business Analysis course is designed to help analysts working with software development teams enhance their skill-set to improve productivity. These courses have been designed keeping in mind differences between traditional to agile team's interactions with business analysts. The hands-on workshops provide business analysts ample of tips & tricks to gather & present information quicker with improved detailing.

4) Effective xTesting:

Every Effective xTesting course is designed to help quality analysts working with software development teams enhance their skill-set by performing the eXtra mile that improves software quality further. These hands-on workshops have been designed to provide tools & techniques to enhance your software's quality; moreover these courses prove that with an open-mind, there's always room for improvement.